Venezia 2021: Alta Gioielleria

Venezia 2021: Alta Gioielleria
The ultimate embodiment of love and beauty, #DGAltaGioielleria creations illuminate the rooms of Palazzo Ducale with the unique and impeccable work of Italian craftsmen. A true expression of #DGFattoAMano, and a timelessly exquisite interpretation of Italian excellence.

The centuries-old arts of glassmaking and goldsmithing come together to form unique earrings in yellow gold with glass mosaics, yellow imperial topazes, yellow sapphires and diamonds. Modelled and finished by master craftsmen, this extraordinary jewel is a tribute to Venice and the Italian artistry used in its creation.

#DolceGabbana thanks “Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia” for hosting the event.

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