Dolce&Gabbana Make up: Alta Moda Fall/Winter 2015

Dolce&Gabbana Make up: Alta Moda Fall/Winter 2015
The shores of the beautiful island of Capri, with its rocky monoliths and deep blue waters are the romantic setting to the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda Fall Winter 2014-2015 fashion show. The fashion, reminiscent of the greatness of times gone by, with sumptuous gowns, jewellery and furs are complemented by feature enhancing makeup. Ephemeral, like beauty itself, the makeup is barely there, with just one feature accentuated, be it the eyes with a feline liner, or the lips with a carnal red hue.

The game of hide and seek played between the waves and the rocks is transformed into a sensual yet playful chase of the beautiful.

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