Venezia 2021: Alta Gioielleria

Venezia 2021: Alta Gioielleria
The ultimate embodiment of love and beauty, #DGAltaGioielleria creations illuminate the rooms of Palazzo Ducale with the unique and impeccable work of Italian craftsmen. A true expression of #DGFattoAMano, and a timelessly exquisite interpretation of Italian excellence.

An exquisitely iconic necklace in yellow and white gold with diamonds and Bianco d’Istria stone carved skulls that pays homage to one of the most celebrated themes in the history of art and literature: the conflict between Eros and Thanatos. Over 200 gold elements, which are modelled, finished, and assembled entirely by hand with great technical acumen and rare artistry.

#DolceGabbana thanks “Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia” for hosting the event.

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