Prada Luna Rossa Ocean - The Film

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean - The Film
Discover #LunaRossaOcean, the new fragrance by #Prada.
Luna Rossa Ocean celebrates humanity augmented by technology, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal in the advertising campaign film directed by Johan Renck.
The campaign illustrates the conviction that with technology as an extension of ourselves, we can push beyond our limits, imagine beyond possibility and open new horizons.
A fragrance encapsulating a burst of bergamot, contrasted with the extreme sophistication of vetiver and elegant iris notes.
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Talent: Jake Gyllenhaal
Director: Johan Renck
Music: “Supernova Explosion” by Sebastien LIPSZYC & Emmanuel LIPSZYC

Просмотры на YouTube: 1 147 902

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