Hermès | Sialk centre pieces

Hermès | Sialk centre pieces
Sialk centre pieces, made from a sheet of copper and tinted with enamels applied using a stencil, are a real technical achievement. When fired, they express a great wealth of textures and contrasts: transparency and depth, the coldness of metal and the vibrancy of colours. These unique pieces are based on a subtle balance between the fusion of pigments and the rawness of the material.


Welcome to the world of Hermès:
In 1837 Thierry Hermes opened his workshop making the finest quality harnesses and saddles in the heart of Paris.
Today Hermes is still a family company whose craftspeople make, often by hand and always with love , bags and belts, diaries and dishes, scarves and shoes, perfumes and purses, ties and travelling furniture, as well as gloves, hats, watches, jewellery and clothes.
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