Million Manifesto / #MillionNation - 1 Million & Lady Million | PACO RABANNE

Million Manifesto / #MillionNation - 1 Million & Lady Million | PACO RABANNE
welcome to the million nation.

I am young, old, bold, proud, successful, confident.
I am million, you are million.

They are actors, models, dancers, rappers.
Talented, conscious, inspired.
They have dared to be. What they dreamed.
And have become. What they wanted to be.
Tied to their Dream.
Artists of their own success.
And their success is for sharing:

join the million nation
believe in yourself. Think Big. Dare.
success is in your hands
dare to be YOURSELF
dare to be MILLION

Starring Joey Bada$$, Simona Kust, Alton Mason, Dree Hemingway, Levi Dylan, Londone Myers

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(Million Manifesto)
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