Fendi Women's Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show

Fendi Women's Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show
Karl Lagerfeld:
"I love to use in a funny way words from the visual web communication world.
Very 21st century...
Easy perceiving and progressive enhancement of the new Fendi looks.
It's a very Roman typeface of Design with a strong ROOT DIRECTORY.
No static positioning, things move with ease...
Fendi accomplished tool tips of the house's crafts and a strong visual constructivism.
The collection is a kind of easy "Dreamwear" (not Dreamweaver...)
with the appropriation of all the house's codes. A collection of monochrome color blocks (not blogs...) and an overblow of transferring lines (not files...).
An absolute positioning of the Fendi image: Contrasts with visual harmony.
It is a kind of eye-tracking statement.
Easy perception of the fluid layouts of the cuts.
Everything is "hyperlinked": clothes, bags, shoes, accessories...
It is a kind of "inline style" like modular design in a display of clear forms and colors..."
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