DC Swim Week Presents DELYX -- Italian Embassy

DC Swim Week Presents DELYX -- Italian Embassy
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DC’s premier fashion event of the summer – the 5th annual DC Swim Week at the Iconic Italian Embassy in Washington DC. An unforgettable experience of a summer fashion showcase that is transforming the industry with leading Fashion Designers, Entertainment, and State of the art Production all under one roof.

DC SWIM WEEK recognizes both local and international brands, in a bid to inspire and improve lifestyle, convenience, luxury and trade-based relationships in DC. The mission is to showcase talented and innovative fashion trends while building relationships between brands in the summer lifestyle fashion industry.

Industry Professionals, Fashion Designers, Models, Washington elite business leaders, Diplomats and more. Guests have access to exclusive, on-site hospitality, gain unmatched insider extras, and more.

25 designers from Washington DC and all around the world will unveil their Spring/Summer 2020 collections in Swimwear, at the Genesis Swimwear show.
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