Tear dress VR simulation by Araxie Boyadjian for LCFBA18

Tear dress VR simulation by Araxie Boyadjian for LCFBA18
The Tear dress video is a VR experience designed for a proposed Schiaparelli exhibition at the V&A. The user is found in Dali’s painting 'The Three Surrealist women holding in their arms the skin of an Orchestra’ which inspired Schiaparelli’s tear dress; using leap motion and VR, the user tears into the 3D landscape, not 2D fabric pieces revealing new layers of reality. Flowers grow on the brands of the audience referencing Schiaparelli’s story in which she stuffed flowers in her ears and nose hopping flowers would grow on her head t make her beautiful. Dali used that anecdote in that same painting bringing the whole experience together. The intent is to allow the user to understand the context and meaning of garments through a gamified experience instead of caption cards.


Creative Direction and production: Araxie Boyadjian
3d Animation: Max Celar
Landscape design: Anne-Lise Agossa
Music: Sam Karam
Просмотры на YouTube: 1 025

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